Civil Litigation

There are essentially two types of litigation.  Civil and Criminal.  Civil litigation is usually litigation to obtain money damages or to enforce an agreement to perform a service or to keep a party from engaging in behavior detrimental to our client.

If you’re thinking that you need to sue someone, you should consult with the experienced civil litigation lawyers at Robert L. Langford & Associates.  As legal professionals, litigation lawyers know which cases have a good chance of being successful.  Litigation attorneys are familiar with the procedures, steps, and necessary paperwork that needs to be done. Some cases are better handled using alternative dispute resolution, and a litigation attorney will be able to advise on your options.  Most importantly, you need to find a lawyer who has the courtroom experience to win your case and the reputation in the legal community to make the most of the threat of litigation a good bargaining tool.

How much does Civil Litigation cost?  Lawyers take different approaches to how they bill and how much they charge. Litigation attorneys may charge by the hour or may charge a contingency. Contingency means that you will not have to pay anything up front and your lawyer will take a pre-established percentage if you win your case.

What Should I Expect from Working with a Civil Litigation Attorney? Outcomes rely on many different factors, but the litigation attorneys at Robert L. Langford & Associates will represent you at every step in the process of filing a lawsuit.